On Investing Well: A lecture by BusinessLine’s Anand Kalyanaraman on September 4, 2020

Why is it necessary to start investing at a young age? Which asset classes work best for people with a smaller risk appetite? Why are debt instruments less volatile than equities? Why is real estate a bad choice for lovers of liquidity? Why do gold prices rally in tough economic times?

These are some of the themes that Anand Kalyanaraman, Deputy Editor at The Hindu BuslinessLine, covered in his Zoom lecture at the Asian College of Journalism. 

Kalyanaraman, who writes on everything from personal finance to taxation, helped the class understand the pros and cons of each asset class. 

He introduced the aspiring journalists to compounding and other important financial concepts. He also used the lecture to decode financial jargon.

The seasoned journalist urged the students to do in-depth research before writing news stories.