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The doctrine of development regards all nations that are not "developed" to be "developing"--in the process of catching up with the West. The fantastical nature of this goal has long been exposed by ecologists: for everyone in the world to consume at the rates enjoyed in the West would require the resources of five or six planets. It will never happen. The quest for the holy grail is, however, destroying water, forests, and soil, the very basis of life on the planet--along with the cultures that do know how to live in sustainable ways. “God forbid that India should ever take to industrialism after the manner of the West,” Gandhi had written in 1928. “The economic imperialism of a single tiny island kingdom (England) is today keeping the world in chains. If an entire nation of 300 millions took to similar economic exploitation, it would strip the world bare like locusts.” The locusts are here, and even a cursory look at the Indian landscape reveals the extent to which it has already been stripped bare. The capacity of India’s natural environment to sustain its people has been almost halved in the last four decades, and the pace of destruction is increasing.

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